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The Trip (Matthew's Car)


Friday afternoon, three cars left Biola for the mountains. Matthew Weathers, Daniel Peckham, and Peter "Cave" Ellis all drove. Here are some pictures from Matthew's trip. Riding with him were Ben Wright, Nate Stucky, Mark De Dios, and Tim Dinkins.

See the video: trip.mpg.(37.8 MB, 4:44)

Nate Stucky, Tim Dinkins, Ben Wright

Picking up Mark De Dios

The car's pretty full!

Matthew Weathers

We started out around 5:00pm -- probably the worst time to leave the Los Angeles area. It was a holiday weekend because of Presidents' Day the next Monday.

L.A. Traffic on a Friday afternoon -- 91 Riverside Freeway
(Notice the "FastTrak" lane on the left)

Hey, Tim: you hungry yet?

We had grand plans to eat at In-N-Out, but the traffic was so bad, that we'd only gone half an hour after two hours.  So we stopped at In-N-Out somewhere near Riverside:

Tim telling a story about how his brother found a shard of glass in his food at a restaurant once.

See the video: trip.mpg.(37.8 MB, 4:44)

On the way up, we took a wrong turn, and ended up going down a steep, icy road. Upon deciding it was the wrong way, I tried to back up in vain. We spent the next 20 minutes with me backing up while Nate, Ben, Mark, and Tim pushed the car 10 feet at a time back up the hill.

Almost there, and there's a car blocking the road!


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