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Next stop: the Calimax grocery store.

$206.43 pesos was enough for
lunch and dinner that day.

We spent most of the late afternoon at Estero Beach, by Punta Banda.

That night, we stayed at Rudi's Motel, just south of downtown.  It was only $33.



On the way out of Ensenada, we stopped by the motel
where we spent the first night, so Ben could retrieve
his blue pillow.  He's had that pillow for many years.

It's just the right size and shape, so it was very important
that we stop and find it.  We did.

Some things we saw on the trip up north.

El Mirador


We stopped in Puerto Nuevo for a lobster dinner.

We ate at Angel del Mar, on the northwest corner,
and got there around 10:30am, in time to get the
best seat in the restaurant, outside, next to the ocean.


Angel del Mar, Calle Paseo del Mar #18
(661) 614-1430

It took a while to get through the border in Tijuana.  Some things we saw:

Above: We've seen this before.  In L.A.

Right: Yes, Uncle Sam wants you to try
McCormick' mayonesa


Selling things to waiting cars

End of our trip: Menifee, where we dropped off Nate at Sarah's house.


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