Joel & Renée's Wedding

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Joel & Renée's Wedding - June 21, 2003

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Here are some more pictures.  Between several digital cameras, we took hundreds of pictures.  These two pages are just a few of them, for my web page.  Some day, I will put together a more comprehensive set of pages for Joel's web page.

Wendy Graves holding Gabriel, being fed by Grandma Esther Weathers


Gabe and big sister Naomi

Andy Weathers at reception.

The wedding cake

Some of the Tuggy family with Lisa.

Saying good-bye at the dock.

Official Photographer Photos

The wedding photographer (Dan Harris, from has a web site with all of the pictures he took.

Go to and choose the Graves/Weathers (062103) entry, and type in the password 062103, then click Log In.


Some Florida plant life.

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