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That Sunday, we split up into groups and created drawings about the meaning of Christmas. Here we are, working on them. Now that I think about it, this whole excercise looks like something from an elementary shool. But we were having fun!

Sarah, Eric, Eric

Front to Back:
Leah, Ryan, Steve, Arla

Ryan, Steve


Leah, Gretchen, Shaun

Shaun, Gretchen

Eric, Sarah

Sarah, Eric, Eric


Eric, explaining his group's picture

Working on the drawing

Eric and Eric drawing, Matthew eating another muffin

Another drawing

Sarah, Matthew finishing the muffin, Eric drawing.
Note: I'm not always eating... I came late, and happened to be eating a muffin
right when Alex decided to take a bunch of pictures.
So there.

Andy and Kristen Weathers attended our group before moving to Switzerland to prepare to be missionaries in Africa. Notice the print-out of their web page on the bulletin board. Their web page:

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